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Email of news and announcements

The School maintains an email list to announce events, training programs and other news. The service is provided to the school through Constant Contact, so to sign up for the list we direct you to a particular web address that is set up for that purpose. The sign up link is in the sidebar or below.

Depending on your own internet provider and email set up, you may find that you need to “whitelist” the internal email addresses that Constant Contact uses to send emails on our behalf:


The school newsletter was re-launched in 2015 in email form. It is issued three times a year.
All the issues are available here

How to reach us

By mail:

5028 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20016-4118

By telephone:

202-237-2700 or 202-537-6050

By fax:


By email:

The School is located in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of northwest Washington DC, just south of the DC/Maryland line.


By Metro

Take the red line to Friendship Heights.
Use the Jenifer St. exit from station.
WSP building is 3 blocks south of exit, on the same side of the street.


Metered spaces on Wisconsin Ave.: Time limits from 30 minutes to one hour. No parking 7:00-9:30am and 4:00-6:30pm weekdays. Sunday and holidays, no restrictions.
Side-street parking:1 to 2 hour limits. Saturday, Sunday and holidays no restrictions.

Board of Directors

  • Antonietta Corvasce, MA, Chair
  • Oliver Russell, MSW, Vice Chair
  • Michael Warshaw, CPA Treasurer
  • Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, MA, Secretary
  • Pat Davis, MSW
  • Janice Berry Edwards, PhD
  • Lucy Eldridge, JD
  • Christine Cote Hill, JD
  • Marcus Hummings, PhD
  • Rose-Marie G. Oster, PhD
  • Kimberley Satin-Kubler, MSW
  • Rebecca Wolfson Berley, MSW
  • Jean Campbell, MSW, FCC Chair
  • Lenore Shapiro, MSW, ex officio


Executive Director: Lenore Shapiro, MSW
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs: William Wears
Assistant Director of Clinical Services: Mary Eccles, MSW

Intake Coordinators for Clinical Servies: Emily Rowan, Molly Reilly
Business Manager: Chiquitta Boyd
Administrative Assistant: LaKishia Hall