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  • All Training Programs All Training Programs It's hot, it's summer, time to apply for a WSP training program
  •  Solving the Mysteries  Solving the Mysteries of Self Defeat - Oct 3 -6 CE
  • Are you there for me? Are you there for me? Attachment theory and Group - Oct. 9-10 - 12 CE
  • Jacques Lacan Theory Jacques Lacan Theory Short course 6 Tuesdays, biweekly from Oct 6 - 9 CE


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The Washington School of Psychiatry is dedicated to the promotion of human welfare through the advancement of mental health. The School offers postgraduate professional education and training, fosters the spirit of inquiry, and offers a wide range of mental health services in the Washington metropolitan area.


Training opportunities

The School offers a wide variety of programs for postgraduate professional education and training.

Programs are currently open for applications for the Fall semester 2015.
Application form available here.

Mental Health Treatment

The School provides quality psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families.



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If you would like to make a payment to WSP, this page provides an online method.

Washington School of Psychiatry